Digital Methodologies Tool Page

Digital Methods aim at appropriating and repurposing the methods of digital media for research. Such research, in turn, relies on the use of digital tools for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data. While some of these tools are complex applications that are able to handle gigabytes or terabytes of data, many digital methods tools are relatively small applications with a specific purpose and limited scope. As genuine research tools these applications are not just a means of research, but also their result. This website gives you access to digital methods tools that were developed at the media studies department in Siegen.


Extract knowledge from Android Application Packages (APKs)

Mobile Apps, Android, Data Analysis, Reverse Engineering

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Capture and analyse the traffic data of mobile devices

Mobile Apps, Data Collection, Data Analysis

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Bitchute Data Tools

Retrieve data from the Bitchute video platform.

Bitchute, Data Collection

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Category Flow

Visualize categorical data over time.


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Web Archive Tools

Retrieve lists of archival snapshots available in the Internet Archive's web archive and sample them.

Internet Archive, WWW, Data Collection

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